Lindsey Jones

My Story

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My Story

I grew up in Orlando, and as a child I remember doing nothing but watching Disney movies, and drawing cartoons. I spent summers with my sister going through our VHS collection, and making sure to hit every animated movie that we owned. Around elementary school, my parents got me my own computer. It had an editing software on it that I taught myself, and my friends and I would spend afternoons filming movies, and editing them together. We made horror movies, news stories, and even documentaries. That was the start for my love of all things film and production.

I went on to study Character Animation at the University of Central Florida, and was the Lead Animator and Production Manager for our 3D animated short film, "Celestial". After I graduated and our film was submitted to various festivals, I decided to keep perfecting my skills by taking online animation classes at Animation Mentor. I got involved with numerous projects around this time. I was an Assistant Editor with the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) Network. There I worked on a reality television show, with some famous Superstar Wrestlers. After that, I did quite a few freelance productions, and then eventually I was led to Universal Studios Creative. I help to design the brand new theme park that is being built in Beijing China. I can't wait to go there and see everything that I helped to put together once it is all built!

I have studied art for many years now, and I have taken classes at numerous art studios and schools. I am obsessed with figure drawing, and capturing the essence of motion with charcoal lines. I love photography, and design, and all things crafty. I will probably never be able to have a "normal" job because of the need for constant creativity in my life. So cheers to the future!