Lindsey Jones

Lost Penguin Productions

Design By LJ partnered with Artsy Ash & Hodges Film to create meaningful projects. With the help of the production world, our goal is to make videos which help cause a sense of change. Not only touching the lives of people locally, but reaching out to the world as well.

Mountain Dew - It doesn't exist until you dew it.

A commercial for Mountain Dew about waking up and living each day to the fullest. It's a tough thing to live life in complete bliss. That's why we need to live in the moment, and cherish every second as if it could be our last. Surround yourself by happy people, and that happiness will always continue to rub off on you.

NesCafe - Pay it forward

A commercial for NesCafe coffee. By writing a happy quote on a cup of coffee, and handing out that cup to people who need some positive energy in their morning. They will then pay it forward by writing on a new cup, and handing that one out to the next person. Good words no matter what they are, will brighten any persons morning. 

NesCafe - Morning Start

A commercial submitted to NesCafe about waking up and deciding to make a change in the world, by making pancakes and handing them out to the homeless.