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WWE Tough Enough

I have been an assistant editor for a reality television show for the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) Network for the past 10 weeks! I was so  pumped to be apart of this crew! Not only did I learn a ton about working in reality tv and production, but my wrestling knowledge has gone absolutely through the roof. I didn't know any people, moves, or history to the wrestling world, I think my knowledge spanned to the level of knowing who Hulk Hogan was and that was about it. But now I am obsessed and watch the show Total Divas weekly just to catch up with all the drama. 

Basically Tough Enough is a live competition with the same platform as American Idol, or Dancing With the Stars. We shoot all of the reality throughout the week, then at the end there is a live segment where America votes who is getting kicked off the show. The final two winners, (one boy and one girl) will get a contract with the WWE. I won't spoil the ending for whoever hasn't watched it yet, but check it out here

Working 50+ hours a week while still attending Animation Mentor, I had absolutely no life and I think I learned how to survive on only coffee and energy drinks. I was so past the point of exhaustion, that I didn't even need sleep anymore. But as the show trucked on, amazing relationships were made, and I met a ton of wrestlers. I even took my sister and brother-in-law to watch some of the episodes live. John Cena was the guest star for the episode that we went to, and that was right after he broke his nose in Monday Night Raw. That man is quite a machine.

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