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Trademark Event Productions

Hellooooooo events! That was probably one of the longest and craziest hours I have ever worked. It didn't help at all that I was still jet lagged from San Francisco, but the second I landed, I went back straight to work. There was a convention in town for Xamarin, which is owned by Microsoft. And Trademark was the company that set it all up. They are founded by a few people who used to work for Lucas Film. This was one of the most fun yet exhausting gigs ever. It was over 12 hours a day, and I was working as a production assistant. I've only worked a few events before, so it was a complete change of pace. You're not sitting around a computer all day backing up footage, but running back and forth to different venues and setting up for different events. I think the best part of the whole week was when I got paid to sit there and build all of these robots for the attendees to play with.

Not going to lie, it definitely took longer than an hour to figure out how to read the directions for some of these guys. >_<

Most of the set up was built and constructed by hand, and all of the vendors and supplies were from local companies. It was so cool to see so many small businesses come in and serve, alcoholic popsicles for example, to this massive company. I made a ton of friends here, and they were all so welcoming. Trademark was by far one of the best companies to do freelance for. And the good news is, whenever I go to San Francisco, where they are located, I can pick up more gigs with them! I'm so pumped to see what else they do in their future!

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