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Studio updates.


Oh, Canada!!!

I recently attended a computer graphics conference called ACM SIGGRAPH with my two animation friends from school, Ashley Jane and Teresa Falcone. You can view their work (Ashley) here and (Teresa) here.  We got to work the whole week as volunteers and made some amazing friends while there. The conference had panels such as the making of How to Train Your Dragon 2, the X-Men movies, and Box Trolls. I felt like I was in heaven during the How to Train Your Dragon talk, and for the Box Trolls, they brought in some of the the puppets that they actually used on the films! There were tons of studios that had portfolio reel review sessions, which was super cool because you got hands on notes from actual animators in the field.

Another awesome part about SIGGRAPH was the booths that studios made. Pixar had one, and every year they are known for handing out Renderman teapots. The line wrapped around the entire building twice to get one! Luckily I got mine. These things are collectables and people sell them for a crazy amount of money.

But the coolest part of the whole week? The studio crawl!! It is just like it sounds. A bus picks you up and drives you from studio to studio, and drops you off to get a tour of the building. So of course we just HAD to go to Sony Pictures Animation studio! Now THAT was heaven. I felt like I was walking on holy ground, and wanted to ask every person that I came into contact with, for their email haha.

After the conference was over, some friends took us up to Whistler Canada. We spent the rest of the weekend checking out Olympic Park, riding the ski lift from peak to peak, and hiking all around the mountain tops. It was one of the most beautiful and surreal places that I've ever seen, and I will make it my life calling to live there one day. You can see more of my photography of this trip in my photography section.

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