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Crealde School of Art Figure Drawing Class

I just finished my third class at Crealde! This class was all about figure drawing. My teacher was an artist named Berto, he's pretty big in the art community down in Orlando. His work is so amazing, I aspire to be an artist like him someday. 

For this class, we worked strictly with charcoal powder. The whole basis of the class was to cover the entire paper in charcoal powder, and then draw on top of that. From there you shade in the dark areas, and pull o ut with a shammy all of the light spots. It's basically an easy way to get the base tone you want and either go up or down rather than starting light and getting darker and darker. We did quick sketches for the warm up, and then with each new pose, we would take our shammy and erase it all back to the base value and start over. I did end up keeping a few that I really liked instead of erasing it completely. Here they are!

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