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Celestial 3D Short Film

We did it! Our short is finally finished! After two whole years of blood, sweat, and tears, we are finally done. For those who don't know, I attended UCF for the Character Animation Program. While there, we spent 2 years developing a short film called Celestial. We developed it from the original story pitch, to script, storyboards, character concepts, environment development, art direction, modeling, rigging, animating, vfx, compositing, all the way up to the final edit. When I say this film is our baby, I mean I would it would end my life if something happened to it before we finished. During the last semester before the final premiere we would completely live in the building. We had pillows, sleeping bags, buckets of food, I think I went at least 3 days once during rendering before I finally went home and gross as that sounds. We ended up completing our film right after the premiere started. It was probably the most stressful day of my entire life. We had no idea if we were going to get this done or not. Fortunately, there was another team who presented their short first, and they stalled for us by opening up the floor for a q&a. But even though we were 45 minutes late, we still got to see our film on the big screen in front of all of our loved ones!

My job for this film, besides a little bit of everything, was Production Manager, Lead Animator, and rigger. There are 12 of us on a team, and we each had our own roles for this film. You can read more about everything that I did as well as all about the film, over on the Celestial page.

Once we finished our film and had our premiere, we have been submitting to numerous animation festivals all around the world. Hopefully we will win something, fingers crossed!

And without further ado I present to you......CELESTIAL!!!!!!!

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