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Animation Mentor Class 5

Just finished class 5, Introduction to Acting!!!! My mentor for this term was Nicole Herr. Here is he site, and her imdb page. You can see she has worked on a TON of movies. She has been animating since before I can remember! She worked on Space Jam, all the way up to the newest Jungle Book. It's amazing how to me how she just works from studio to studio. Her focus is in creatures animation and that's mostly what she works on in the movies. She even got sent over to Australia to work on some creature shots for a few months with Animal Logic. If anyone is thinking about taking her as a mentor, I highly recommend it. Not only does she have a more technical side to explaining everything, she does it in a way that's easy to understand. I've learned so much more technical stuff about maya that I didn't even know existed because of her!

In terms of this class, it was a rough time. Working so many hours, and taking vacations really ended up draining me. But it was also tough because you are literally staring at the exact same shot for 12 weeks straight. We only got to work on one shot the whole entire time, so we could get our level of polish up to par. By having more time to add subtle acting choices and really getting in there and cleaning everything up, it takes your animation to a whole new level.

My dialog that I chose was a scene from Uptown Girls. It's with Brittany Murphey, and Dakota Fanning when she was still a child. Basically Dakota is ignored by her rich parents, and has to teach herself how to grow up and live. Her parents hired Brittany Murphey to be her nanny, and in the beginning, they hate each other and Dakota is a complete monster. So that's what I chose to base my shot off of! It will always need more improvement no matter how many times I go in and fix things up. But here it is, I hope it's alright! 

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