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Animation Mentor Class 4

Class 4 is over! Class 4 was introduction to acting with David Tart. He's a pixar animator. He has been in the industry since before I can remember they were even making animated movies. His first big theatre release was A Nightmare Before Christmas. He then moved over to Pixar right when it opened to work on Toy Story. He was there for a while, and then decided to open up his own animation and stop motion school in Colorado. It's amazing seeing what he can do. He was so knowledgeable about the industry that you could ask a question about the history of animation, and he would know right away. For example, why are the curves called splines? It's so amazing all that he knew about animation. Here is his imdb page if you want to check him out more.

For this class, we had to do one pantomime shot, and one dialog shot. Pantomime is a change of emotion but without any words. So acting at it's fullest potential. You have to learn how to convey it visually before you can do it verbally. For the dialog shot, I used a clip form the movie Where the Wild Things Are. I'm obsessed with the soundtrack from that movie, and I wanted to get a sense of emotion in the line I chose. But I applied it to a man working in a tanning salon, talking to a customer. Here is my reel from that class!

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