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Animation Mentor Class 3

Class 3 is officially done, and man I am pooped. Aside from working 50+ hours on my WWE gig, I had all of these assignments to deal with. I basically spent every Saturday pulling an all nighter just to turn my homework in on Sunday afternoons. I'm not sure if I progressed as much as I had wanted to, but I know I definitely became better at animating! My mentor for this class was Drew Adams. He's an animator at Dreamworks, and you can see the stuff that he worked on here. Drew is pretty much the sweetest mentor that there is, and I have loved every minute of his class. His critiques were always way over the time limit, and I could tell that he genuinely cared for all of his students.

As for the assignments, they wanted us to do 3 shots and stick with a theme. So I chose a pirate theme. I wanted it to take the idea of these three different imps who were all a little goofy and clumsy, were all working on a ship, and it was under attack, and these were each of their own scenarios. I was going for a minion idea, those little guys from Despicable Me. Once I started messing around with the rigs a bit, I realized there was no way I could do one of my shots with that imp because of their arm and leg lengths. So I switched over to the Stewart rig. So I guess the ship is much more eclectic now. I can even make up a backstory for him now that I think about it. Maybe the imps rescued him off of an abandoned island? Anyways, here's my reel!

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