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Animation Mentor Class 1

Class 1 is finished! My mentor was Chad Stewart. He is a Sony animator, and has worked on numerous films, here is his IMBD to check out all that he's done! He's also worked on a few Disney movies also, so I consider him my Disney teacher too. Class 1 is all about starting back at the beginning and relearning the basics. I really hand a good grasp during this class, and it's amazing to see how the basics should be approached in a different way. But we had to do 6 different assignments and multiple pose studies. The first of them was the bouncing ball. The bouncing ball is the foundation for all animation. Everything always relates back to the bouncing ball. Then we moved on to the pendulum swing, and the assignment after that was a bouncing ball with a tail. Once we finished those, we moved onto walk cycles. I had an amazing time in this class and learned so much. It's amazing how much you think you know, and then once you go back to the basics, you notice everything that you didn't necessarily pay attention to before. But with that note said, here is my class 1 final reel!

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