Hand Painted Wedding Favors!

Hello friends! I'm so excited to say that I am now officially a Bell! We wanted to make our wedding extra DIY, and I'm posting a few of our wedding favors. I hand painted along with my parents and sister, about 200 mini canvases for each guest to take home. We figured the normal stuff would just get left behind, or thrown out, so we wanted to do something special. They were definitely a hit! Here's a few that I did, that our photographer LH-Photography got some great shots of!

Great Sand Dunes National Park

I recently got to go on a trip back to Colorado. It was pretty amazing, because we stopped at Sand Dunes National Park, which I never even knew this place existed before. Its these colossal sand dunes in the middle of Colorado, at the base of a mountain range. When you're there, you feel so small, and that you're not even in America anymore, but the Sahara instead.

You will literally go from this:

And this:

To this!!!!!!!!

To see more of my sand dunes collection, visit the photography page!

Euro Trip!

I survived my first backpacking Euro trip this year! I ended up having to cut it short and ditch a few countries due to the new job, but I am so incredibly grateful for all that I did get to see and experience! We ended up staying in London, Eastbourne, and Paris, and I wouldn't have changed that trip for the world! I got to see the louvre, all the typical tourist attractions, and pretty much ate at every corner cafe I could find.

Paris was so incredibly inspirational, with all of the art everywhere, not only in the museums but on the streets as well. Even in the architecture of the buildings, I could not stop looking around and taking photos. I came home with a good 2,000 photos I had to go through. But here are a few, and the best ones are on my photography page!

I'm officially a part of the Universal Creative Team!!!!!

And now that it's all official and the paperwork has been signed, I am officially a Document Control Coordinator for Universal Creative!!!! A lot of the stuff about the new park in Beijing is still top secret, so I'll just leave it at this. They are building a new Universal theme park in Beijing, and I'm apart of the team!! It's so amazing getting to be in such a large creative environment, and surrounded by people who love their jobs. I'm most excited for all the decorating I am going to do of my cubicle space! The park isn't set to open for another few years, so I'll be on this new project for quite a while. I am hanging up my freelance pants for now, and entering the wold of constant design!

Animation Mentor Class 5

Just finished class 5, Introduction to Acting!!!! My mentor for this term was Nicole Herr. Here is he site, and her imdb page. You can see she has worked on a TON of movies. She has been animating since before I can remember! She worked on Space Jam, all the way up to the newest Jungle Book. It's amazing how to me how she just works from studio to studio. Her focus is in creatures animation and that's mostly what she works on in the movies. She even got sent over to Australia to work on some creature shots for a few months with Animal Logic. If anyone is thinking about taking her as a mentor, I highly recommend it. Not only does she have a more technical side to explaining everything, she does it in a way that's easy to understand. I've learned so much more technical stuff about maya that I didn't even know existed because of her!

In terms of this class, it was a rough time. Working so many hours, and taking vacations really ended up draining me. But it was also tough because you are literally staring at the exact same shot for 12 weeks straight. We only got to work on one shot the whole entire time, so we could get our level of polish up to par. By having more time to add subtle acting choices and really getting in there and cleaning everything up, it takes your animation to a whole new level.

My dialog that I chose was a scene from Uptown Girls. It's with Brittany Murphey, and Dakota Fanning when she was still a child. Basically Dakota is ignored by her rich parents, and has to teach herself how to grow up and live. Her parents hired Brittany Murphey to be her nanny, and in the beginning, they hate each other and Dakota is a complete monster. So that's what I chose to base my shot off of! It will always need more improvement no matter how many times I go in and fix things up. But here it is, I hope it's alright! 

Trademark Event Productions

Hellooooooo events! That was probably one of the longest and craziest hours I have ever worked. It didn't help at all that I was still jet lagged from San Francisco, but the second I landed, I went back straight to work. There was a convention in town for Xamarin, which is owned by Microsoft. And Trademark was the company that set it all up. They are founded by a few people who used to work for Lucas Film. This was one of the most fun yet exhausting gigs ever. It was over 12 hours a day, and I was working as a production assistant. I've only worked a few events before, so it was a complete change of pace. You're not sitting around a computer all day backing up footage, but running back and forth to different venues and setting up for different events. I think the best part of the whole week was when I got paid to sit there and build all of these robots for the attendees to play with.

Not going to lie, it definitely took longer than an hour to figure out how to read the directions for some of these guys. >_<

Most of the set up was built and constructed by hand, and all of the vendors and supplies were from local companies. It was so cool to see so many small businesses come in and serve, alcoholic popsicles for example, to this massive company. I made a ton of friends here, and they were all so welcoming. Trademark was by far one of the best companies to do freelance for. And the good news is, whenever I go to San Francisco, where they are located, I can pick up more gigs with them! I'm so pumped to see what else they do in their future!

Tour dè Pixar

Omg omg omg omg omg we did it..... We actually went inside Pixar! We somehow got a tour with pure luck, and the help from others. It was such an amazing experience! I literally can die now and be okay with my life. First off, I'm not really allowed to talk about much other than the basics, and I could only get photos inside the lobby and out around the campus. But those few photos are probably the best photos I have in my entire computer. So I'm just going to take you through the entire tour. If you are anything like me and obsessed with the Animation industry, then hold on, because we have a lot of white space to fill!

Even pulling in through the main gate I was freaking out. I'm pretty sure we arrived 45 minutes early because I was so paranoid about being late. But once we walked in to the lobby, and had to sign in through an ipad to notify my friend that we have arrived, I was in heaven. It felt like the shot from Monsters Inc. where all the famous scarers were walking onto the scare floor. But that's how it felt to me with every employee in the building. You know, this one?

The main building is the Steve Jobs building. It is designed in a way to bring all of the employees together so they aren't limited to only making friends in their own departments. The cafeteria, bathrooms, and gift shop are all located right in the middle on the bottom floor. This way you are forced to interact with people that you wouldn't see on a day to day basis. Another super cool fact is that the whole building is built on top of giant rubber tubes. This way if there is ever an earth quake, the building will just slide around, and not completely crumble and lose all of their movie making magic. Each brick was hand selected to match a style that they wanted as well. I can't get over how beautiful that brick wall was.... and it's just bricks!

Our tour guide took us around the building explaining the animation process to us, which was super cool to hear even though I already knew it all....because I'm a nerd. But there was a gallery section on the top floor of the most recent movie that just came out, Good Dinosaur. It was so amazing to see all of the concept art, maquettes, and vfx sequences. I could have spent hours in that gallery alone! Next stop? Animation department!!! That was probably the coolest spot for me to see. I was sneaking peaks at everyones computers to see all of their Finding Dory shots they were working on, and I am now determined to look for each one once the movie comes out! But when the animation department was built, they realized that is was cheaper to buy sheds rather than cubicles. So each animator decks out their office "shed" space with themes. It was crazy to see the things they came up with. One animator built an alien ship that crashed in the jungle for his shed. Here's one decorated like the taco place Taqueria Tacocat".

After that we took a walk around the campus, and then headed over to the preproduction building. There are two main buildings, one for movies in pre-production, and the other for in production. While we were in the pre pro building, I saw Pete Doctor from upstairs!!!! That was like seeing a celebrity. =]  Once we were done, I'm pretty sure I dropped at least a hundred bucks in the gift shop. Everything you can buy in there is sold solely in the studio. So if you're wearing a shirt from there, everyone knows you've been to the studio. I probably could write another 8 pages about what we talked about and saw, but I'll save you from my ranting. Enjoy some pictures instead!

NesCafe Shoot

We're doing another commercial! Artsy Ash  and Hodges Film are teaming up again to create another commercial that does more than advertise a product. It invokes change in the world. 

We filmed two separate versions this time. The theme of both being to pay it forward. We wanted this idea of someone waking up, and deciding to do something nice for others. This one action will then pay it forward in hopes that they will then do something nice for the next person. One video being about making pancakes for the homeless, and the other is writing positive messages on cups of coffee and handing them out to others.

We had so much fun working on these two shoots, and although we didn't win the contest, it was still a blast just to go out there locally and really help to make peoples days. You can see below all of our behind the scenes!

Animation Mentor Class 4

Class 4 is over! Class 4 was introduction to acting with David Tart. He's a pixar animator. He has been in the industry since before I can remember they were even making animated movies. His first big theatre release was A Nightmare Before Christmas. He then moved over to Pixar right when it opened to work on Toy Story. He was there for a while, and then decided to open up his own animation and stop motion school in Colorado. It's amazing seeing what he can do. He was so knowledgeable about the industry that you could ask a question about the history of animation, and he would know right away. For example, why are the curves called splines? It's so amazing all that he knew about animation. Here is his imdb page if you want to check him out more.

For this class, we had to do one pantomime shot, and one dialog shot. Pantomime is a change of emotion but without any words. So acting at it's fullest potential. You have to learn how to convey it visually before you can do it verbally. For the dialog shot, I used a clip form the movie Where the Wild Things Are. I'm obsessed with the soundtrack from that movie, and I wanted to get a sense of emotion in the line I chose. But I applied it to a man working in a tanning salon, talking to a customer. Here is my reel from that class!

Mountain Dew Shoot

Lindsey Jones Productions got together with Artsy Ash LLC. and Hodges Film LLC. to produce a Mountain Dew commercial. 

The theme was, it doesn't exist until you dew it. Basically live life to the fullest and spend each day as an adventure. For this commercial, we have the actor (me) wake up, and go outside to meet her friends. Then they spend the day going form adventure to adventure. We had so much fun brainstorming different ideas for us to have fun, and that's what the whole day was about! Just having fun. Beneath the video, are behind the scenes photos of us, basically having a blast the entire time.

Blackburst Entertainment

Onto the next gig! Now that my contract with my last company is up, I started taking on some gigs with Blackburst Entertainment! They are an amazing production house in Orlando that has worked on videos with Saturday Night Live, and even ESPN. I have been doing some editing work, some animation work, and production assistant work. My first shoot with them was a cooking show for an at home chef, which was amazing because we got to eat all the food that he prepared for lunch! 

Blackburst is such an awesome company to freelance for, and I have learned so incredibly much just being in the studio surrounded by all the equipment and software. I can't wait for more shoots!

Cannon Shoot in NYC

I officially got a new contract job with FilmScape Productions! I am their new animator/editor/cinematographer. Basically, whatever needs to get done, I do. Ashley Jane from Artsy Ash LLC and I were sent to New York City to work on a shoot for Monster Media and Cannon cameras. Cannon just released its brand new camera and they are out on the street interacting with people walking by to play with their cameras. Once people take photos, it gets printed right away for them to keep. There is also a Monster Media truck near by with an interactive screen showing tips on taking great photos and videos. Here's some of our adventures below!

Cooler Project

Well, it's been months and months and I am officially happy with the end product! I made a cooler for someone of all his favorite sports teams. It's clearly meant for tailgating haha. As for the technique, I had to sand down the entire thing so there was no texture on it, and then paint the thing with a sealent. Then I went on to spend months painting every side. I can't believe how thick the paint became. I'm pretty sure the majority of the time was spent on the Florida seal. After that I had to mod podge all the sides, and then voila! A painted cooler! So let's grab a drink and head out to support one of these Florida teams!

Animation Mentor Class 3

Class 3 is officially done, and man I am pooped. Aside from working 50+ hours on my WWE gig, I had all of these assignments to deal with. I basically spent every Saturday pulling an all nighter just to turn my homework in on Sunday afternoons. I'm not sure if I progressed as much as I had wanted to, but I know I definitely became better at animating! My mentor for this class was Drew Adams. He's an animator at Dreamworks, and you can see the stuff that he worked on here. Drew is pretty much the sweetest mentor that there is, and I have loved every minute of his class. His critiques were always way over the time limit, and I could tell that he genuinely cared for all of his students.

As for the assignments, they wanted us to do 3 shots and stick with a theme. So I chose a pirate theme. I wanted it to take the idea of these three different imps who were all a little goofy and clumsy, were all working on a ship, and it was under attack, and these were each of their own scenarios. I was going for a minion idea, those little guys from Despicable Me. Once I started messing around with the rigs a bit, I realized there was no way I could do one of my shots with that imp because of their arm and leg lengths. So I switched over to the Stewart rig. So I guess the ship is much more eclectic now. I can even make up a backstory for him now that I think about it. Maybe the imps rescued him off of an abandoned island? Anyways, here's my reel!

WWE Tough Enough

I have been an assistant editor for a reality television show for the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) Network for the past 10 weeks! I was so  pumped to be apart of this crew! Not only did I learn a ton about working in reality tv and production, but my wrestling knowledge has gone absolutely through the roof. I didn't know any people, moves, or history to the wrestling world, I think my knowledge spanned to the level of knowing who Hulk Hogan was and that was about it. But now I am obsessed and watch the show Total Divas weekly just to catch up with all the drama. 

Basically Tough Enough is a live competition with the same platform as American Idol, or Dancing With the Stars. We shoot all of the reality throughout the week, then at the end there is a live segment where America votes who is getting kicked off the show. The final two winners, (one boy and one girl) will get a contract with the WWE. I won't spoil the ending for whoever hasn't watched it yet, but check it out here

Working 50+ hours a week while still attending Animation Mentor, I had absolutely no life and I think I learned how to survive on only coffee and energy drinks. I was so past the point of exhaustion, that I didn't even need sleep anymore. But as the show trucked on, amazing relationships were made, and I met a ton of wrestlers. I even took my sister and brother-in-law to watch some of the episodes live. John Cena was the guest star for the episode that we went to, and that was right after he broke his nose in Monday Night Raw. That man is quite a machine.